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Soft Toy Sewing Patterns

About the Brand

Do you ever wonder what gifts to give your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews?

Maybe you’d like to give them something unique, something one of a kind, something made with only them in mind?Have you ever wanted to make a stuffed animal but didn’t know how? Or thought it would be too hard to do?

If you’re having trouble finding something unique or looking for an easy pattern to make your own handmade gift, you’re in the right place! We’ve got an adorable selection of easy patterns, perfect for beginners to help you create a unique and special gift. Making a beautiful handmade gift for someone special doesn’t have to be hard!

Our beginner level patterns are easy peasy!

Piece of cake!

A cinch!

Child’s play! (pun intended!)

You get the idea…

The patterns include step by step instructions with photos to help you make your new toy!

Ask Jan from Utah! “Easy peasy and darling! I made the baby attack cat in a couple of hours.”

Or Julie from Australia! “I love the simplicity of your patterns!”

Thanks Julie, so do we!

You can even start with a pattern that requires no sewing machine. You can’t get simpler than that!We also have some intermediate level patterns when you’re ready to take it up a notch! Download your favorite pattern and then pick out the perfect fabric in their favorite colors. Choose a pattern to make their favorite animal and then go pick out the fabric together! 

There is something amazing that happens when you give a gift that you’ve made yourself. Gift-giving becomes a gift in and of itself. There are few greater joys in life than knowing that someone would take the time to create a gift that is made for only you. It becomes even more amazing when you design and create it together.

The gift of a handmade toy has the ability to make any child smile and feel special, and that’s why we do what we do!

I still have my stuffed animals and rag dolls from my childhood. Two of them my grandmother made for me. I still remember the Christmas I received them. And they still make me smile. 

Customer Testimonial

What a happy day for me, when I stumbled over your site. I love the simplicity of your critters.

Julie, Australia